Rick Potter


Rick Potter in his mortal mask looks like your average high school social studies teacher. A bit older, a touch of gray in his dark hair and close cut beard. He dresses fairly plainly, almost always in some variation of slacks and a dress shirt for class, though in the heat of DC’s summer, he can loosen up to a polo.

His mien though is far more disturbing, his features become thinner and take on a pallor of the death, the gray in his hair becomes almost blindingly white, the eyes become more pronounced, and his fingers, already lengthy, thin, and becomes nearly pointed.


Rick Potter was one of Autumn Court’s most powerful members, and demonstrates the differences in the two approaches that Autumn Court can take. Lee Harris demonstrates the other, and it is this difference that makes Mr. Potter to be one of the Courtless.

Lee, while being a fan of disturbing people, understands that ephemeral mystical knowledge, the perfect knowledge, of understanding self and the way the world works is the best way to approach fighting the Others. His goal was that the best way to craft fear in the Others is to gain power and understanding.

Rick, on the other hand, understands that the best way to fight the Others is to gain power and understanding of how They operate, to attack their strengths and undercut them. He looked to the psychology of the dreams. Of dream travel and other advanced disciplines, and became feared both in the Hedge and the dream-scape. It is said that he has fought the Others and forced them off the field in both locales.

When the last Autumn King retired, it was obvious that it was between Rick and Lee to claim the throne. The two went into Freehold’s hollow to have a discussion.

When they came out, Lee bore the Autumn crown; and Rick was banned from Autumn Court functions and became functionally Courtless. He was allowed to maintain his residency within the city, and to this day continues to work on NMHS.

Rick Potter

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