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When: 1st, 3rd, 5th Fridays of the Month, 7PM(ish) to 11PM-12AM(ish)

Where: Storyteller’s Basement (unless the A/C dies, then we make do with somewhere else)


Washington, DC is a city of smiles, handshakes and everyone working together for a common good of the community. It is a city of wealth, a city of avarice, a city of poverty, and a city of hope. The back pat today will turn into the backstab tomorrow, and yet, the embittered enemy will interpose between you and the blade for the good of a deal.

Anyone who has but one reason for what they do isn’t trying hard enough, and while violence is rarely the answer, it is occasionally the solution, especially when the subject is particularly recalcitrant.

And amidst this duplicitous and power-grabbing nature of this city, there are real threats, some of the worlds most powerful trods reside in this city. Some are connected to other Freeholds, others are … not. One of the four faces goes directly somewhere in Arcadia, meaning the Fae could arrive at any time.

But life must go on. You can’t live with the constant fear. So the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and there’s fewer and fewer in the middle to bind them together, as those in the middle escape to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland. What does this dichotomy due to the dreams of the city, of the mood of the city?


With the theme of paradoxical duality, peace and conflict, rich and poor, fear and opportunity, within Washington DC everything is peaceful, and moving. There is no threat of invasion by the Fae, nor even a reason that there will be tension and a division within the Freehold of the Sacred Principle this year, except that the reasons are the same as every other year. Stories here tie into the paradoxical nature of being in the bastion of one of the wealthiest Freeholds in the world, and yet one of the most vulnerability, in this city strength is weakness, opportunity is vulnerability, and your enemies are your allies.

About The Game

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