Alternate History

Welcome to Washington, DC, the most powerful city in the world built on swamp land (ignore the reality of the situation in our world) no one wanted. All roads used to lead to Rome, now all lines of power, in the end, pass through here. Perhaps not as solidly as they used to, but there is no denying that Washington DC is the Goliath to everyone else’s David.

Washington DC in our world has one of the great disparities between the wealthiest and the poorest, with few in between. In the World of Darkness, there is an even greater division now. Gangs run rampant through many areas, never been cleaned up in the 70’s and 80’s. Drugs are common place, almost becoming stereotypical of New York in the 70’s. Welcome to your new home within the broken diamond that is Washington, DC.

Key Tidbits

In response to questions:
  • Yes, Obama was elected; however, it is generally assumed, and far more likely that he is actually an empty suit with big words.
  • Yes, handgun control is in effect, but who really cares?
  • The stadium was never built, Nations still lives.
  • The mayor does exist, but his hands are even more tied by the control board then they are now.
  • No vote, no way, no how.
  • Yes, in this world, Washington, D.C. was built on swamp land that wasn’t wanted for anything else.

Alternate History

A Fragile Immortality Arashinomoui