7/7/09 – IC

Wait. How did this happen? I thought I was going to share the job of being the new foster mom for us. Now I’m the one responsible for us all? What if Gabriel gets into more trouble in jail? How am I supposed to keep Sid out of trouble? He’s been like a trouble magnet lately, and I can’t physically pull him out of trouble like Ms. Stewart could. What a mess these last few weeks have been. The new job takes a lot of my time, and a lot more energy than I thought it would need, and now I have to oversee the others while I’m home? Does this mean I need to do more to help Niobe with her homework, or do more to help out with the Danita problem? What about Lacey Anne? I know she’s been getting advice from Sid lately, and when it comes to advice from Sid, well, maybe sometimes there needs to be an interpreter, or at least someone to make sure Lacey Anne doesn’t actually agree to anything Sid suggests unless its a good suggestion. Maybe Cole could help out with that a bit more. Now that he’s not going to be so busy making bullets and weapons, I wonder if he’d have more time to help out? I’ll have to remember to ask him.

With all this going on, it just had to not be enough either – now I have to worry about Sharon and her group as well. What’s going on with them? She seemed so worried when she came over. I wonder if I should check for an update on Gabriel, make sure he’s actually alright in jail. I know Sharon was worried something might happen to him since he’d run with her group a couple of times. If anyone is still awake when I get home from work tonight, I’ll tell them I want to check into it, so hopefully one of us will remember to actually do it. Writing this down of course will also help because I can look at it later, but I have to remember to actually look at it! I have so much to do now, so many new worries, I might not even remember that I wrote it down. I also need to remember to ask Mr. Winters about things like how to pay for the upkeep of the townhouse. I don’t know if Ms. Stewart did that, or if it was taken care of for us by someone else. So much to do, and I still need to clean the townhouse and shared portions of the hollow as well. Hopefully I can get a quiet moment with nobody around so I can do that quickly. Oh, and now I need to go take care of some random middle of the night need again. At least its not more chess…

7/4/09 – IC

I don’t understand how this happened. I did everything I could, but Ms. Stewart is gone. How could I have lost her? Did I forget one crucial step from the intensity of the fight? Or was she really just so far gone that nothing I could have done would have saved her? I don’t know the answer, and I just hope that nobody will blame me for her death. I blame myself enough!

We didn’t lose many in the battle at all, and we rescued I think four people. So strange that one of them seems to know Niobe, even though Niobe doesn’t know her. I think we’ll probably have to sit down and talk a bit as a group to help Niobe with this, especially considering that it appears her first Keeper was the one that new girl escaped from, the one that seems to know her. I wish I’d been able to get Niobe up to try to fight him, but I understand that she’d rather just hide – if mine had come through… well, I probably would have been wanting to hide as well.

I wonder if I should take off more time from work instead of going back on the 6th. With Ms. Stewart gone, I can easily see there being problems – not the least of which will be being able to keep the motley together. Hopefully we won’t have too many problems, if we can convince either someone else to be our new “foster parent”. Otherwise we’ll probably have to make a case for ourselves in a court to be able to stay together, since most of the motley is underage. Maybe once I’ve had some real sleep I’ll be able to think of something. Why, why did we have to lose Ms. Stewart?!

7/3/09 – IC

So as much as I worry about this coming battle (if its anything like the last one, I’ll never get the blood out of the carpets again!) I have to wonder how much worse it will be than work. At least while I’m fighting I don’t have to try to come up with some witty comments like I have to while playing chess with that guy. I don’t understand it. If he wants company, I’m sure it would be easy to get him company that can play chess and hold a conversation! I’m almost tempted to see what would happen if I sent Niobe to play chess with him, but I don’t think it would be a good idea. He was confused enough with my age, I don’t think he’d handle Niobe’s well at all.

I’m not at all comfortable with the dress, or with taking the limo home in the evening. It is something I’m sure Sid would absolutely love, and he’d have no problems at all trying to talk with the people in this place. Maybe I’ll just have to spend some more time learning from him how to have conversation with people I really don’t feel anything about. I know I’m not the greatest at conversation in the first place, even at home. But that will just have to wait until after the battle, provided we all make it through. If only I’d had a little bit more time to get ready for the battle, instead of having to work. Hopefully though we’ll get through the battle together, since I still don’t know if we’re actually going all the way into the Hedge for it or not. I’m not sure where our various courts are fighting, or if we’re going to be able to stick together for the fight.

Also, having to wait until the day before a battle to find out test results from those annoying physicals we had is the worst waiting ever. It’s worse than exams!

7/1/09 – 7/2/09 – IC Well, the first two days of my new job were very strange – not at all what I expected. I didn’t expect that I would need to be dressed the way its expected I should dress there – I wish Michael had told Sid more specifics so I would have been more prepared. Some of the things these people want! Its so strange, the kinds of things they want. Especially the one guy who has insisted I spend time studying up on chess so I can play a game or two with him while he eats his midnight ice cream. It was interesting when I told him I was still in High School though. He may have tried to hide his expression, I’m not sure, but I could tell he was a bit more taken aback by it than he really wanted to let on. But I am always honest, so I thought it best to let that out when he asked what I was studying. Do I really look old enough to be taken as older than the 18 I am? If I ask Cole, I’m not sure what kind of answer I would get, but I know I’m not asking Sid. I’m sure he’d come up with all sorts of things I should do if I do look older than I am.

I think I’m going to have to be careful with my purse so that Sid doesn’t get into it now though. I can only imagine what he would get up to if he gets ahold of the corporate credit card I have in my wallet. I almost wish I hadn’t shown it to him when ordering those little trackers he wanted. Maybe I should get more information of why he wanted them. Even for him, that seemed like a fairly strange request, but I was so tired from the first day that I didn’t think to inquire as closely as I probably should have. I can just see him trying to slip one of those into something Danita carries all the time if she has something like that, so he can make sure Niobe is able to stay away from her, but that in itself could I’m sure cause all sorts of problems – especially if Danita found the bug! I’m going to have to think long and hard about how to keep Sid away from that credit card – I don’t want to have to explain a lot of charges!h6. Your title here…


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