Character Creation

Group XP

The group will be given 20 xp to buy backgrounds and skills will to be shared amongst the group. This is roughly 2 dots of backgrounds, 2 level 1 skills, and 1 level 2 skill. You can choose to spend as you wish. Any XP remaining at the end of character creation.


Extra XP will be granted on the following basis: Do you give me a description of your life before you were taken (3xp), while you were taken (3xp), and after you have gotten back (3xp). The description does not need to be longer than a paragraph for each, if you would rather explore in play, but I need an understanding of your character.


I will reward another xp (up to 6), for each conflict that is laid out to the GM in an easy to read and understand format. See: Goals, Motivations, and Conflicts

Character Creation

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