Experience Points

Rather than the usual rewards for experience as listed within the core book, I’m using a slightly different scale for both session and story rewards.


Per session you can earn xp in 6 ways:
  1. 1xp – Showing Up
  2. 1xp – Dramatically Failing (rolling a 1 on the chance die) (Maximum of once per session)
  3. 1xp – Screwing onesself over with the intent of doing so for the betterment of the story
  4. 1xp – Being a Big Damn Hero, may be co-awarded with screwing oneself over
  5. 1xp – Writing up the session summary for the group (I.e. note taker and journalist) This can be traded off/rotated, I just would like someone to do it.
  6. 1-2xp – Writing a Journal. 1xp will be the norm for this, unless it goes above and beyond in my eyes (or general acclaim)

Maximum: 6-7xp per session: Likely? 2-3.


At the end of a story arc you can earn experience in three ways:
  1. 1-3xp – The more dramatic and moving the arc, the more xp. Everyone in the group gets this.
  2. 1xp – Resolving a stated conflict during a story. (Maximum 2 xp)
  3. 1xp – Initiating a conflict during a story. (Maximum 2 xp)

Maximum: 7xp per story, in addition to session xp; likely 1-3 xp.


If you do work for the campaign, I’ll reward you with accolades and experience, examples include:
  1. Create an NPC for me, get an XP.

Experience Points

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