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Bradley Smith, the founder of Freehold of the Sacred Principle, was one of the engineers, and a loyal member of the Free Masons, to whom Washington himself belong, who helped design and begin the Washington Monument. However, he never got to see the conclusion of his work, disappearing one evening.

He reappeared nearly 50 years later appearing from one of the four faces. While Wizened, he hadn’t aged a day. Thankfully, there was work to do on the McMillan expansion to the National Mall, and he found work and established himself. And soon, he found others spilling forth from the monuments on the mall as if the designs were drawing them to DC.

Soon enough, there were enough Changelings to form a community, and Smith, as the eldest, in years back and drive to accomplish formed the Freehold of Sacred Privilege with God’s blessing and in defense of the True Fae. He retired from public life, and devoted himself to establishing the freehold both within the changeling community, and within the world of Washington, DC for he saw a time that they would have to be integrated into both lives – and when appropriate formed a religious group named the Covenant of the Sacred Privilege which came into its own during the Depression as thanks to a Golden Spinner there was enough, enough for a price, but there was enough. Soon after FDR took office, Smith passed away, and the establishment of the Courts took hold. Each court held for a year, starting on March 4th with traditionally pledges of Motleys occurring on March 5th, before the new court. There are a number of positions called for in Bradley Smith’s original contract and charter.

The Great Division

In 1974, when the Freehold was about the size that it is now, a number of Changelings split and formed a new Freehold – Bastion to focus on the defense and uplift of the poor, an area that those motley who formed Bastion felt were being ignored in lieu of politics and power of the Sacred Privilege Freehold.

While there was growling and sniping, after several years the balance of power resettled and most would agree the city was better off for the dual power structure within the city to focus on the dual power – the people and the wealth – that existed within the city.

That Day

On September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were struck by Terrorists. It is thought in this confusion this is when is the True Fae, led by either Loyalist or Privateer it matters not, struck and whisked away the entire Bastion Hallow, where they had bunkered down in the confusion. It was discovered, till a motley, the Yard Rats, came to the Freehold of Sacred Principle, assuming they had been similarly hit.

They had not.

Washington, DC Today

Currently, all is calm and peaceful within the city. A new administration came in this past January, and while it is generally assume that he will be the empty suit of big words and dreams, and small pledges, the Spring Court looks forward to coming into its season with hope and desire on everyone’s lips. Some desire the power of the change in structure brings. Some want the hope that can lift the city from its doldrums, crushed often and cruelly before, but at least some keep the faith. The Covenant of the Sacred Principle is busier than ever, trying to do a better job of reaching to the poorer regions of the city and failing in the Yard Rats eyes. The Covenant does its good work, as advocate for human rights, working within the community, crisis support for the lost and ignored, and finally providing a voice within the courts and political sphere. There is so much to do, and so little time to do it in.

Further current events can be found in the tales section.


  • December 31-January 1 – Joint Winter/Spring celebration of the new year.
  • February (First Saturday) – Summer holds a “scare off the snow party”.
  • March 6 – Inauguration of the new Sovereign.
  • March 20-22 – Covenant holds a three-day party celebrating Spring.
  • May 1 – Spring Court holds its annual Beltane celebration. Very licentious.
  • June 20-22 – Covenant holds a three-day party celebrating Summer.
  • October 20-22 – Covenant holds a three-day party celebrating Autumn.
  • October 31 – Autumn’s All Hallow’s Eve Celebration.
  • December 6 – Winter hosts Remembrance.
  • December 20-22 – Covenant holds a three-day party celebrating Winter.

Social Traditions and Taboos

Hospitality – While “Theta Sigma Delta” is easily passed off as a fraternity, TSD, or the original Greek symbols, is the sign for hospitality.

The Hollows of the Covenant of the Sacred Principle

Ostentatious doesn’t begin to describe for this Hollow. Bradley Smith was a builder and it shows, as the Hollows itself is two levels, with multiple doors into both the Hedge and Washington D.C., as well as a method of traveling that those who have joined a court and proven their worth are taught. The first level is a large meeting space, with small rooms, while the second level contains the libraries and quarters in case of need.

There is mention, though not frequently, of a secondary Hollow for the leadership of the Freehold, as well as the Summer and Fall courts possessing their own, specialized, Hollows. And of course, there’s each Motley’s or individual changeling’s Hollow. All hidden in the space between the Hedge and the world.

Freehold Description

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