A listing of the secondary characters of the tale, but without the support whether aligned or opposed to the protagonists of the tale, the story is nothing.

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Spring Court
Name Short Description/Role
Arthur Wood A harder worker, he dreams of building and crafting beautiful and functional.
Brittany Robertson Brittany’s a homeless waif who likes it that way, but for all her charm and vocal call to action, rarely does she actually pitch in.
Christian Fuller Old crotchety, this de facto leader of the Yard Rats is drawing into binding the mortal community together. He’s a member of the local religious community and can be found there educating.
David Garrett David, not Dave, is another member of the Fairest, and skilled at writing and describing events in words to make someone weep.
Frances Carter Joyeux of the Spring Court, she’s capable of finding the desires of the sorrowful, and finds ways to bring joy to everyone. As she is also the Inspector-Marshal, it’s known that she’s looking for an apprentice.
Grace Thompson Deceased. Grace is Lolita made Changeling, full of poison for those who would taste. Full of passion and spite, her desires are well known.
Gus Sanders Lineworker by day, trickster by night and by Hollow. A definite rascal.
James O’Neil Clavinger. A young soldier, he’s known for his ability to plan ahead, and his drive to succeed, and his rage from the abuse of those about him. He is the heart of the Nightwatch.
John Winters Sovereign of Freehold, Vernal King
Joseph Graham Deceased. The sole beacon of light within Sebastian’s Tale, full of fire, curiosity, and power. He often serves as the Searce of the Spring court for who would suspect him of being their entry way?
Joshua Foley Joseph’s nominal guardian, the mentor/student roles are actually reversed. Josh is a builder and creater, serving as the Archivist for Freehold.
Maria Welch Ritualist. Maria serves as the Ritualist, working hand in hand with Joshua to coordinate the parties.
Penwise Penwise is another journalist of the freehold, but not a member of the Fifth Estate. She has more self-respect than that. She works for the Post covering the political scene.
Richard Barnes Deceased. Richard on the other hand has no compunctions from finding secrets, and can be found pestering Lee, Andrea and Maria.
Sharon Clements Sharon serves as the Spring Court’s doctor when desire goes too far, she is also frequently an adviser to the Freehold Sovereign, communicating the desires of the Freehold to the Sovereign. As such, she frequently finds herself not only Counselor, but coordinator.
William Buck Deceased. Buck is a member of Court mostly because they were the only ones who would want him. Or so he says. He is mostly the odd-duck.

Summer Court
Name Short Description/Role
Candice Fletcher Deceased. Candice words are filled with as much venom as her teeth are. In school, teachers are there for scorn, and adults have little else.
Charlene Davis Crimson Knight, she one of the more violent members of the Court. And that’s saying something.
Christine Gray Deceased. Some say she’s Cleo’s coddled protege, others say it is the meritocracy of Summer at work. Either way she’s adept, skilled, and hasn’t lost yet.
Clayton Higgins Clayton was once the court’s Arrayer of Distant Thunder, but as his Motley has become more and more irrational, he has gradually become more withdrawn from court affairs.
Cleo Zimmerman Heir, Summer Queen
Dorothy Osborn Deceased. A powerful hunter, she’s the Iron Adjutant of the court. She makes sure Cleo remains undisturbed.
Douglas Smith Old man of the Nightwatch, what he lacks in power, he makes up in spite.
Evelyn Barron Another young changeling, she’s new to the Court and Nightwatch, she lives on the street and moves quickly to establish her place.
Jeffrey Arnold A beautiful singer, he seems rarely to moved to wrath, whether in the Freehold or as a student of NMHS. He is quietly setting himself up as the diplomat, the velvet glove. Only time will tell if he speaks with the Sun’s Tongue.
Jerry Acevedo Deceased. Jerry is a cop’s cop. He has the most experience with the other weird stuff out there; however, it has most definitely scarred him.
Josie Glass Josie rarely takes the straight and narrow, but every court needs one like that. She’s young, but her modest and lack of drive bodes poorly for her desire for rank.
Laura Morton Deceased. Laura is a Crimson Knight but considered almost more dangerous to her allies than her enemies. Her breath is plague, but she always pitches in, forgetting there are Squires and Grunts to deal with it.
Mary Freeman Deceased. Mary Freeman is the young spitfire who is one of the “young and upcoming” members of the Court. Dark beauty partners well with her attitude.
Megan Simon Megan Simon is the current Constable, separate from the Court and generally keeping the peace among all the courts.
Quartermaster Deceased Former Yardrat, he’s the crafter for The Militia
Ruthie McCall Ruthie’s Mask looks too young, too sweet to be the Red Victor. But this young strapping Amazonian is the champion of the Court. As such she has a lot of pull, but seems less inclined to use it.
Slate Deceased. Slate is the closest thing the Summer Court has to a war wizard. He has developed his own Contracts, and that he sold his name to the Goblin Market for power.
Susan Chol This Crimson Knight Yard Rat is the most approachable member of the motley, and thus frequently serves as the go between. But in the end she’s just a quiet soldier fighting the war against the Others. Her love of the smell of gunpowder pairs nicely with her job as a contractor for the Pentagon.
Tiffany O’Connell Tiffany is flightly. But she’s very good at ferreting out the information needed to let Cleo know what is coming. Occasionally too much information. Her ability to inspire her at the local community is what brings her collection of informants to her.
Vicki Henry What makes beautiful people warriors? If Vicki knows she’s not telling. She’s the friendliest of the Fairest.

Autumn Court
Name Short Description/Role
Amanda Stewart Deceased. Den-mother, teacher, guide to the Motley; Twilit Page of Autumn Court
Amos Ali Lord Scrivner, his position within his Motley makes him uniquely situated.
Christopher Young Deceased. Chris is a young, 23 year old college student. He competes regularly in the Summer Court’s events, and has an eye on Noel’s position.
Corey Farmer Corey curses like a sailor, but he skilled with hammer and pistol. He also knows the earth and tends to many of the Goblin-Fruit gardens.
David Owen Ghul/Barrow Tender and Free-hold Executioner. His 13 year old his eyes have born much in the way of pain, fear, and sorrow. As such, he seeks out those who betray Changelings without remorse. The proof of his skill is the fact that no evidence of their whereabouts can be found.
Dolores Hansen Quiet, reserved and watching, Dolores personifies these tactics, she is unabashedly pursuing the title of of the Freehold Sorcerer, and Witch of the Bitter wind. Both roles held by Lee at the moment. Some say this is why Andrea favors her so much.
Dorothy Cobb Dorothy is barely stable, and very gorgeous, although she is fresh from the Thorns, some whisper how long it is before they need to put her down; however, her skill is adroit with medicine.
Jane Stein Jane is a young-appearing teacher of sciences at NMHS. However, its well known that she could challenge Lee if she wanted to, or take a more active role, instead she is happy to continue her studies. Dolores idolizes her.
Joseph Davidson An artist of the macabre, he delights in shock and horror, skilled both with camera, video, and paintbrush, his role is general as the Fool of First Frost.
Kevin Miller Large, brawny, brutal. Also a master of several contracts. He’s known for taking care of his own, and destroying those who cross him. Then eating them.
Lee Harris Autumn Sovereign, a constantly changing role, frequently displaying the mantles of all four courts.
Mary Knight Mary is rarely seen, or her clothes are there, but generally, she’s masked. A member of the Pyramid of the Eye, she whispers secrets that she’s found into Lee’s ear.
Mary Rush Rush if she liked to kill, and was angry would be Summer Court, but no, she prefer to toy, to chase, to hunt them down, and leave them exhausted. She is very, very good at what she does. Occasionally, she serves as a Bounty Hunter, but generally needs a partner to remember to do something with the spent victim.
Noel Brooks Paladin of Shadows. Noel lurks about Lee, protecting him with a glare. He may be old, but old age begets treachery and cunning. By the time you face Noel, you have already lost.
Thomas Moore Thomas Moore is a freshly emerge changeling, and quickly joined the Autumn court and Fifth Estate. He seems pleasant enough. Which is fearful enough.

Winter Court
Name Short Description/Role
Andrea Thornton Wizened old woman, Queen of the Winter Court
Anthony Juarez Tony is a Squire of the Frost, dedicated to the security, while young, his skills have been quite well honed on the other side of the Hedge.
David English David Young is young as a Changeling, but old and wise in the ways of the world. His first disappointment was discovering that being hidden didn’t means helping him do B&E, and secondly that the healing gems of his skin couldn’t be sold. However, his criminal contacts have given the Court a wealth of shadowy places to run and hide when the “heat” comes down.
Francis Nichols Francis is more at home with his trees of the park, then among the people and is rarely seen. Occasionally, he informs the Freehold of stuff coming from the woods.
Josh Wilson Deceased. John is old, and more known for his relaxed demeanor than his skill. It is accepted that he is an Onyx Thane, but he rarely exerts himself.
Legs Legs is a stripper who hides by not hiding. While only a Page of the Frost, her contacts amongst Spring turn her into the ambassador most likely to be seen and heard from other than Andrea.
Olga Allison Deceased. A loyal member, her time on the Washington PD has made her reluctant to get too close.
Paul Merritt Paul’s features demonstrate his ability to fly. Some say that he a member of Radio Free Fae. But that would be too obvious.
Robert Carter Quiet, his dark draconic beauty draws the eye. The peace-maker of the five, he as likely to be in class as out of class.
Stanley Curry The Sun Banisher, he maintains Nightwatch’s low profile. The problem is that in recent months his grasp on what is real and what is not.
Tommy Ramsey Deceased. Tommy’s ability to root out a secret is well known, and some say that the Freehold’s leadership is simply waiting till granting him the title of “Lord of the Inhospitable Chamber”.

Courtless/Minor Courts
Name Short Description/Role
Amber Madden Amber’s a journal for a local DC new magazine, and is a joy to speak with, being well spoken on a number of subjects.
Mister The impartial information broker, he openly admits to what he is and what he does. He deals in information and thus power. He has many forms, and the ability to whisper into your ear, unseen, what you need to know. Always for a price, but never for a pledge.
Simon the Hermit A fairest who lives in the edges of the hedge exclusively, he has some power, some understanding of that area in-between if you can find his lucidity.
Sophie Miller Sophie chose no court because she didn’t want to deal with the politics. She serves as a doctor in the worst parts of the city, which lead her to feeding a great deal of information to Nightwatch.
Theresa Moore Deceased. Theresa Moore is a student of NMHS, and making the rounds of student body, occasionally literally. She has a way of driving the ex-boyfriends nuts, also literally.
Rick Potter Rick teaches Social Studies, Psychology and Sociology at NMHS. He was once a member of the Autumn court, but he and Lee had a falling out. He’s well acknowledged to be an experienced Hedge Duelist and Master of Dreams.


Nicholas Myra High School

Name Short Description/Role
Jim Richards Principal of NMHS
Brad Dolle English Teacher of NMHS
Megan Hart Drama Teacher of NMHS
Peggy Payne English Teacher of NMHS, a bit flighty, and distractable. Department head, which means she got stuck with the short straw.
Brad Lynch Earth Sciences and coaches baseball and football. Most famous assignment was a three week project discussing the various effects that different climates have on the flight of a baseball.
Jason Smith Auto Mechanics. Gruff sort of man who barely lets his students touch the tools, and instead prefers to work with the computers.
Kathryn Cauld Jason Smith’s assistant teacher, with a love of old cars, and smell of oil on her hands
Carrie Akham Ms. Akham teaches math and has been an award winning teacher. Few people know what Mr. Richards offered her to move to this charter school
Jonathan Brown Part of Sid’s circle. Nice black kid who’s a whiz with numbers.

Philomena Middle School
Name Short Description/Role
Donald Flow Principal
Virginia Parsons Teaches social studies, and has a passion.
Colton Reed Teaches sciences and is very strict and disciplined.


Name Short Description/Role
Michael Kravitz Tough, but fair teacher turned Ward 6 Councilman.

High Society

Name Short Description/Role
Maria Rales 20-something only daughter of Rales, the billionaire. Go getting philanthropist, but as likely to be found at a ‘free climb for a cure’ as a charity auction.


Name Short Description/Role
Leon A 20-something drug dealer straight out of the wire. Stubbornness, a kind of bulldog mentality have gotten Leon to where he is today, manic energy and perseverance and an understand of when to wait and when to lunge lacked by a lot of his bigger friends. These days Leon is looking towards the long term (a full five years out), hoping to establish a solid base in his eight square blocks to keep competitors out, cops smoothly bribed, and a steady, reliable business coming in.


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