Palm Sunday, April 5th

Our Band: late genre, post gothic, neo-classical, darkwave, ebm, parody cover band. We practice while cooking our turkey dinner.

Niobe and Sid go out back- into the near hedge to practice knives.

Lacey Ann wonders “Do I feel bad about liking pretty dresses?”
Sid replies “No.”
Lacey Ann stresses “But dolls wear pretty dresses.”
Sid calms her, “Yes, but so do princesses.”
Lacey Ann bursts into smiles, “Oh! And babysitters don’t wear pretty dresses. So I can go to the park with the little girls.
Sid tangents, “And princesses have attendants. Oh, Cole, can you make clockwork people?
Cole glowers. His inner fire smolders hotter.
Sid continues, “Oooh, more Coles. And I can live with twenty Sids…”
No, no, NO! Niobe interrupts Sid’s tactless and terrifying thought, and stomps out of the room.

Monday, April 6th
Niobe takes the metro to Maryland for Abby to come and get her. She’s staying with her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, Peter, and her niece, Amber. Amber is chatty and friendly. She mentions how Aunt Melinda and her new partner are coming for Easter dinner. Aunt Melinda is thinking about moving back to the area. Niobe is curious about how her fetch fits in.
What do … her parents thing of her coming out?
Oh. They…’re… okay.” Amber says hesitantly.

Lacey Ann works in the morning. Then she comes home. Naps. Then keyboard practice. She, Cole, and Sid go shopping- she’s got a $130 budget to dress for her date.
Casual, beautiful, don’t touch me, you whore.” Sid suggests concepts for Lacey Ann. “What’s your plan.” Lacey Ann looks bewildered. Sid grabs her phone and hands it to her. “_Call him. Don’t tell him why.
Lacey Ann dials, “Hi! Just wondering if you had anything in particular in mind for out date?
I was thinking a jazz club.
What time?
I’ll pick you up around 8. We’ll get dinner first.
Lacey Ann conveys the information to Sid- but he was eavesdropping anyway. “_Okay, fifties style sleek dress, kitten heels.
Call at 11pm AND midnight.” Cole demands. Lacey Ann nods.

Tuesday, April 7th
Abby, a business analyst, takes Niobe to work with her.

Arianne spies on her family, discovers that she’s got a sister.

Sid packs sandwiches and heads out the back door to explore our local hedge.

Cole makes three telescoping hairbrushes. And goes dumpster diving, looking for a husk of an extended cab truck.

Jeff gets to the door and Cole answers.
So, Jazz Club? Address.” Cole is stern.
South East.” Jeff raises his eyebrows at the parenting mode.
More specific.” Cole glares.
Off Dupont.” Jeff roles his eyes, looking towards Lacey Ann’s room to see if she’s coming yet. Cole types into his cell, then holds it up.
This one?
A little obsessive.” Jeff complains, as Lacey Ann enters the room..
Ugh. Overprotective a little. Like 1950’s leave-it-to-beaver.” Jeff remarks after they’ve left the house.
More like the 1930’s.” Lacey Ann tries to explain.
Obsessive compulsive. Why do you put up with it?
It’s… kinda nice to have somebody at home who cares.” Lacey Ann shrugs.
Oh, if that’s your thing.” Jeff calms a bit. The go, they dance decently. She set her alarm and discretely txts at 11 and 12. Sid txts at 11:30pm that if he wants to sleepover, just let us know, it’s okay.

Wednesday, April 8th
Niobe has movie night at her sister’s.

Thursday, April 9th
Niobe comes home in the morning, crying goodbye a little to her sister.
Lacey Ann invites Niobe to come with her to a park. “I’m going to check on me- or my mother’s daughter. And I have to dress nice- so I’m not a babysitter.” Lacey Ann explains her plans.
If things get weird, gather Niobe and go for ice cream or something.” Cole suggests.

Niobe and Lacey Ann go to the park. The sun is shining brightly.
We are not going to play on the merry-go-round.” Lacey Ann declares with slightly anxious eyes when they get there.
I was going to swing?” Niobe knows that she’s just Lacey Ann’s cover, but she needs to play to do that. And hey, it’s a playground.
Okay. Swings are okay.” As we walk up, we hear one of the moms, “Jessica, be safe!
Okay!” Lacey Ann spots her mom standing with the other moms. Thinks to her self. I could talk to my mom… I’ll go push Niobe on the swing. Looks over, Jessica is on the merry-go-round. Lacey Ann gets a touch of vertigo, watching herself.
Jessica turns, eye contact with Lacey Ann and freezes in fear- nearly falling off of the merry-go-round. Then, she clings as hard as she can. Lacey Ann pretends not to notice. Jessica gets really quiet every time the merry-go-round comes around to Lacey Ann’s side.
Niobe heads to the jungle gym. The other kids go run to play ‘tag’.
Rumor has it, if a fetch eats their base’s beating heart, they become real.
One of the women walks over to Lacey Ann who is hovering near Niobe. “Here with your little sister? Doesn’t she want to play with the other kids?” “Is it okay?” Niobe and Lacey Ann exchange looks. Lacey Ann nods.
Lacey Ann gets introduced to all of the moms. And Niobe shyly introduces herself. “I’m Niobe?” Then she hides behind Lacey Ann.
Hi, I’m Sandy.” Lacey Ann’s heart stops.
Ah, which children are yours?” Lacey Ann asks politely. Cause that’s what she should do.
That little girl.” Sandy points out Lacey Ann’s fetch, then calls out, “Wave, Jessica!
Niobe remembers, fetches can see our miens. Also, if it’s freeze tag, Niobe, as gargoyle girl will automatically win. The moms chat about money, job losses, stock market. Then, it’s time for a juice-box break.
We should go an get that ice cream I promised you.” Lacey Ann finds a polite exit.
See you around.” Lacey Ann’s hear melts as her mom bids her farewell.
Jessica comes out of the restroom as we round the corner.
Who are you? Are you going to kill me?” Jessica whispers, shaking.
No! Killing bad.” Lacey Ann looks upset and confused.
They told me I should contact them if you come.
I just wanted to check on my mother.
Lacey Ann tries to convince Jessica of her sincerity.
Okay. If you go away and don’t come back, I won’t tell them.” Jessica is scared, but bossy little faux girl.
Who are they? They lie. They’re bad people.” Lacey Ann wants nothing more than to keep an eye on her mother. She wants to be eight again.
They said ou’d say that. Go Away.
And you won’t tell? I just wanted to check on mom.” Lacey Ann is in tears, Jessica tentative agrees. Niobe and Lacey Ann pick up ice cream but neither of them really taste it. Then they go home.
Lacey Ann goes straight to bed with her teddy bear. And Niobe tells the others about the fetch.
Sid sees a new bum after Niobe tells him that fetches are scary- and that Lacey Ann’s is named Jessica and Jessica is in touch with her makers and promised not to tell them.
Niobe practices hiding in shadows. (Ohh. Can darklings play shadowtag?)
Sid comes inside, very paranoid. Niobe then steps out of the shadows.
Arianne checks on Lacey Ann, her teddy bear is damp. Niobe brings in “Thief and the Cobbler” and gets Lacey Ann to curl up and watch it with her.
Cole takes lacey Ann to 7-11 for strawberry ice
Is it something you want to talk about?
I saw mom and… Jessica. She said if I came back she’d tell her maker!
You wanna see your mom?” Cole wonders.
She’s my mom!” Lacey Ann states the obvious. Of course she does.
Well, we can work around it. We’ll get spy movies and google it.

Niobe goes to check the alley for a paranoid Sid.
Did you check the alley out back?” Sid asks.
“_Yeah. I stealthed through it. The urine smelled like the regular girl bum.

Jo Davidson’s gallery show is opening. Dress business casual.
They decide to go to the beach on Friday.


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