Friday, April 10th
Gabriel is feeling better. Lacey Ann announces, “Teddy bear and I aren’t talking to you.
The motley decides to visit Bethany, Delaware. Thirty minute discussion and packing, and texting Mrs. Stewart, then we head out. Union station, Friday, mid-afternoon. 20 minute train delay. Sid offers to play hackey-sack while we’re waiting. The girls chorus “No”s. We get on the train, but can’t sit all together. Niobe sits with Arianne. Gabriel and Lacey Ann sit together and quietly whisper/sing “The wheels on the train goes…” Cole pretends not to notice.
FOUR HOURS LATER. 9/10 pm. We finally arrive in Bethany and snag a taxi to the Hampton Inn. We ask the desk guy where to eat and decide to head to the 24 hour diner.
While walking there, Niobe asks Cole, “Can’t you purify the air with your internal fire?
I am not an ionic breeze.” Retorts the indignant Cole.
Diner. We fail the avoid random encounter roll. One clean cut waitress. One flock of about six goth-types.
Lacey Ann moans, “They’re going to hit on me.
Both of us. We should come as a matched set.” We stop Sid before he gets into whoring he and Lacey Ann out.
We order. Gabriel gets a sundae with a side of bacon. Cole gets fried chicken, mashed potatoes and fries, and the rest of us order breakfast.
Danger Sense. Gabriel and Niobe both twinge. We toss $10 on the table and leave. We are apparently the vampiric equivalent of skittles.
Niobe sings nonsense songs in her head, in case they can read her mind. Cole txts Miss Stewart, “What do you know about gothlings in Bethany?
Emo is the new goth
We get food at the hotel. Burgers. We take two different elevators to the room, cause we still have the ‘being followed’ feeling. Sid teases Arianne. Gabriel checks the balcony. We turn on the TV. Mostly QVC. Late, we hear scritches. They stop.
Arianne and Lacey Ann fall asleep around 2 am. An anxious Niobe and Cole manage to make it to around 4am. As usual Sid and Gabriel don’t sleep, they meet the dawn. Gabriel offers Sid a stale fry. Sid rolls his eyes, but blows him awake. We head down. An old guy says “Hi” and we say “Hi” back.
We grab breakfast, then head to the beach. There’s a cool breeze. And the creepy old guy in black. Watching.
Sid strips down to swim trunks. Gabriel does as well. Gabriel tries to splash Cole. Succeeds. Cole looks up and remarks, “Hmm, doesn’t look like rain.
Come join us!” Gabriel extends the invitation.
It’s… bracing!” Sid offers.
The girls collect shells and skip rocks.
The watcher sits on the bench.
Sid lasts fifteen minutes. Gabriel, two minutes longer- just long enough to claim victory. Sid huddles in his towel. Upon seeing this, Gabriel realizes, “Fuck! Forgot towel!” Both Lacey Ann and Cole offer him towels. Then, with a bit of a game plan in mind, Lacey Ann and Cole head to shop for; a bucket, kite, frisbee, and shovel.
The watcher heads out.
Cole tosses the frisbee past Gabriel. “Fetch” Gabriel glares, then plays with Cole for a while. Lacey Ann asks Niobe to sing. Niobe launches into a lovely rendition of “Let’s go fly a kite,” as they do so. The day passes. Sid offers Lacey Ann some lotion.
Seafood for dinner. (Amanda ‘roleplayed’ the suggestion, ‘cause Manda’s don’t actually eat seafood). We see one of the vampires when we leave dinner. Sid smiles, waves, then invokes darkness. The watching vampire shivers and walks off. But we spot him touching an earbud. Gabriel invokes his puppy hearing. “Dude, they’re strange. This’ll be fun.” Once we’re out of Gabriel hearing range, he conveys this to us.
Guys. Do we wanna get out of here?
I don’t wanna be stuck on a train after dark with them.” Niobe is scared.
No. We could go through the hedge.” Niobe’s eyes get really really wide at Gabriel’s suggestion.
We head back to the hotel to grab our bags. Check the rooms and our bags, they seem untouched. We step out of the room and one is down the hall. Look left. Another one is there. Gabriel says, “Step back.” We do. They smile at Gabriel, and then disappear. “Stay in here. I’ll be right back.” Gabriel demands. Cole sends Sid with Gabriel.
Go with him” Sid grabs soap and a towel and follows.
No scent path away.” Gabriel reports back. “Were they illusion?” We head to the elevator. Niobe writes, “If we scatter, meet at beach.” She holds the note tight in her hand, then close in front of each motley member’s face.
Cole points at the door to the bar. Sid walks up, knocks, and says, “Let me in.
He steps through. Lacey Ann holds Niobe’s hand as all the motley follows. As the hedge door closes behind us, we hear one of the chasers remark, “Neat!
EEEEK!!” Niobe tries to keep her scream low, and rather fails. We can still see the foggy bar. We help Arianne focus on Washington DC as our way out and start walking. Eight hours later, we’re back in DC (1 hour quicker than standard?) We basically walk down the I95 in the hedge. The shadow highway is a rather frayed hedge. We feel safer, but unnourished. Around hour six, Niobe offers Granola to Lacey Ann, and Lacey Ann sparkles her. We arrive, about eight blocks from home, at dawn. After walking home, we decide we need breakfast and call a cab and head to Freds.
It’s 7am. We get a seat in the back corner and Fred comes out to say “Hi.”
Miss Stewart texts, “Won’t be coming this morning. Thought you were out of town.
Sid texts back, “Congrats.
He can feel the indignity through the phone, “Visiting my Mother.

Monday, April 13th
Arianne’s birthday is this week. We plan to shop. On the way to school, Lacey Ann’s fetch comes up.
I need to get a way to send money to my mother.
Why? Is she poor?” Sid asks, skeptically.
Yes.” Lacey Ann replied and Sid is startled.
What is she doing wrong? She’s a professional in DC.” Sid doesn’t understand.
Not really. She’s from DC. She’s an assistant.

At school, Niobe shows off camera photos. When asked by a classmate, “You went to the beach?”, Lacey Ann replies,
I like walks on the beach.

Lacey Ann ordered container compartments for Arianne’s locker and got her a gift card to the container store. Sid encourages people to wish Arianne a happy birthday, the next day.
Dress rehearsals are all week.
Niobe gets a pretty rug as Arianne’s gift. Arianne tells us that she wants to go to the mexican place by the Verizon center for her birthday. We invite Miss Steward and she says “No, thanks.
Cole remarks, “You hate us.” but, in teasing tones.
Just trying to maintain proper emotional distance.” Is her reply.

Tuesday, April 14th
We wake Arianne, by singing happy birthday to her. Cole brings in birthday morning waffles and Gabriel brings in flowers. Cole had bonded a dyson and a roomba- and succeeded in making a fully automated, battery powered, Dysoomba.
When we get to school, Arianne walks in and everywhere, people go, “Happy birthday, Arianne!” A very flustered Arianne thanks all the kind strangers. Even her homeroom sings to her. It’s mentioned in the morning announcements. When she walks into the lunchroom, the largest collection of off key singers begin. She doesn’t quite know how, but she knows that it’s Sid’s fault.
Sid and Lacey Ann are there for play practice, but snag duck out for Arianne’s dinner.

Wednesday, April 15th
Was your birthday nice.” Arianne is asked by Sid.
Yes. Thank. You. For. Asking.” If looks could kill…
At court, Gabriel hears rumors of a breakup in Nightwatch. James O’Neal- the wizened oracle. Penwise dumped him because she got tired of him always going, “Oh, I know.

Thursday, April 16th
Winter court. Summed up as- so.. come summer. The trod will be strong. The veil will be weak. Here are the public boltholes.
The gun range is a bit crowded when Sid and Lacey Ann go to practice. Sid asks the militia and sets up a Sunday afternoon hand-to-hand combat practice.

Friday, April 17th
The horrible-terrible-no-good-very-bad-day. Alarms don’t go off, but thanks to Arianne, we’re only 15 minutes late. Gabriel and Lacey Ann, maybe a few others forgot their homework. Cole decides today is not the day to play with power tools. Jenny is out sick.
We all snag dinner at Subway.
West Side Story opens. After a near perfect dress rehearsal.


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