The official story is that on May 12, 2009; we were in a very bad car accident Arianne and I almost died. No one is to ever know what really happened. In fact, I’m not sure I should say anything about it.

Despite any misgivings I may have about recording this, someone must make the record clear. As such, I will do my best to tell the tale of near-misses, bewitching glamour, and a brokered deal between royalty and the desperate.

Saturday, May 9th through Thursday, May 28th.

The events of Prom took a lot out of people. Saturday was quiet, no one really talked about what happened, like they were trying to ignore it or perhaps they wondered if it really happened like something one of us has experienced in the fae realms. I don’t know…

Sunday, we gathered for breakfast, graciously provided by Sid we talked about what happened and what we were going to do about it. Things turned…serious. Ms. Stewart had to leave the table as it wasn’t something she wanted to hear (deal with?). The conversation ended with no real resolution, I was ready to have a wait and see approach. I do not know what Sid’s mindset on the matter was/is like.

As an aside, I do not blame Sid for what happened. Things become … difficult when you involve glamour and emotions. For one of us, emotions are both a strength and weakness. When it is we who are controlling the emotions of others, we have the upper hand. However when someone else is controlling our emotional state, we are at a serious disadvantage. They can control us almost as well as one of the Fae. Who knows what we are capable of in that state?

That being said, Monday was just a regular day for the most part. I’m sure there were rumors spreading like wild fire, but I didn’t notice much of it. Tuesday is when it all went downhill. We went to school and Sid was fine, by lunch he was burning with his desire for Theresa. I suggested that they take it to the Hedge so they wouldn’t get caught doing whatever they were going to do by school officials. It was a sensible solution, I think. But I do have to wonder if being in the Hedge, caused their passions to overflow…

We knew that Sid had left with Theresa by the end of the day, but when he hadn’t checked in, we suspected trouble. After some discussion, we told Ms. Stewart that we were going after Sid and stepped into the Hedge to search for him. After many hours of looking, we came across Sid and Theresa. I wish I could say that the scene would haunt me for the rest of my life, but it won’t. It was not pretty, it was not kind. It was passion.

Sid sat there with Theresa. Holding her, stroking her hair, her arm, stroking her; but she would not respond. She was dead. We tried to get Sid to see that, but he wasn’t having it. Something must have happened to him, perhaps she used her glamour upon him, we’ll never know. It took all of us to convince him that they needed to come with us. We started back towards our hollow. With Arianne and Lacey Ann leading the way, we slowly approached our home. It was then we heard the howls of brier wolves. We walked a little quicker after that. Soon we were running towards the door of our hollow with wolves nipping at our feet. Everyone made it to the hollow except Arianne, in our mad dash, they took her out first.

That is something that will haunt me, I did not wait for her. I ran away from her. It is not something I’m proud of.

We reached the hollow and gathered up what weapons that we had. I need to invest the time to learn how to forge cold iron. We should be outfitted with it, there is no reason not to be. We went back out to reclaim our friend. I would like to say that I fought well, but I did not. I was under the tooth and claw of brier wolves in an instant. The pain from them ripping into me was incredible, my entrails were spread out before me in an instant. I passed out from the pain and did not regain consciousness for many days after.

From what people have told me, Niobe was the one who dragged me back into the house. I don’t want to belittle anyone’s contribution to my well-being, but Niobe seems to have done most of the rescuing that day. Not only did she drag me back to the hollow, but she also dragged back Arianne as well. Sid, Lacey Ann, and Niobe either killed or drove off the pack while we lay dying. Ms. Stewart used her glamour to take on my wounds thus keeping me alive. She also called in a chirurgeon, Sharon Clements, to take care of us. Ms. Stewart and Ms. Clements also took Sid out and rendered him unconscious, we now have a hole where a door to the bathroom used to be (I’ve since helped the hollow start to heal the hurt). They strapped him down and told Lacey Ann and Niobe to figure out what to do about him and Theresa.

Both Lacey Ann and Niobe made a very important decision to involve John Winters as the ruler of the Freehold. He came quickly and without fuss to help them deal with the situation. Their agreement with him is what I have stated at the beginning of the journal entry. I think it was the right decision. Mr. Winters brought with him Maria Welch to help diagnose what happened to Sid. I do not know what was said or done in that meeting, but I do know that in the end everything was alright.

Ms. Clements stayed with us the entire time that both Arianne and I were injured. By Thursday, May 28th, the last of Arianne’s injuries were healed (mine were just a few days before that).


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