We went to the all hands meeting on Monday, after cleaning up and getting food and maybe sleep Sunday night after the Trod closed.

Lots of milling around, we’re responsible for burying Miss Stewart. Lee let us know that he’d take care of getting the foster-ship signed over to one of the older girls (Arianne) and that they’d be by Monday morning.

Sharon is very stressed- she’s a member of Night Watch and they’re missing most the crew.

Misty still fixates on Niobe, making Niobe anxious. And letting Niobe know that Misty was taken and trained to replace Niobe and be a better servant . To Niobe’s ears, it sounds like if Niobe hadn’t run off, Misty would have never lost her normal life. That it’s her fault Misty was abused.

Sid and Arianne and Lacey Ann all go to work. Around noon, Social Services and “Miss Stewart” (lee) show up. Cole’s a bit shaken and has to step out for a minute. Fostership is signed over to Arianne. Lee gives us a heads up that Miss Stewart’s going to walk in front of a bus tomorrow. Niobe and Cole dig the grave for Miss Stewart.

Sharon shows up the next day- pounding on the door. She tells us that they were just attacked and she ran for help/shelter as she’s a healer, not a fighter. Cole, Niobe, and Lacey Ann go to see if they can help. Sid comes along as well after wrapping Sharon in Ms. Stewart’s old leather coat. Thus, the Niobe minor freak out at Sid’s assessment of Sharon’s situation. We walk, instead of hedge back to where she was. We don’t see any ninja attackers. We find her friend bleeding out and a tranq dart. She can’t save him, so we duck back into the hedge as we spot where we think the sniper is.


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