Once they got home with Sharon, Cole, Niobe and Sid waited for Arianne and Lacey Ann so they could tell them about the new body in the freezer.

We waited until daylight and scouted for where the sniper had to have been.

A ransom call was made to Sharon. Sid helped her draft a pledge. Which ends up being useless as the kidnapper can vouch for neither sanity nor uninjuredness of any of the Night Watch.

A timely Fantasia invited Sid to join her on the national tour.

Lacey Ann called out of work and we went to the park where the ransom was being held. Niobe went 2 hours early and hid in a tree, wearing her leathers and holding shadows to her. Lacey Ann dropped Sharon, Cole and Sid off and stayed in the van as cover, with her crossbow.

The ransomer was a woman, who wanted glamour and wanted it badly. She insinuated that Peter was injured and that she might have more of the motley held somewhere. Cole realized all she wanted was a little glamour and said we’d think about it, buying us time.

We investigated our biologist, glamour junkie who’d made a deal for glamour with the Nightwatch’s first deceased companion.

Cole dropped off Niobe and Sid so they could investigate her house and see if the rest of the Nightwatch was being kept there. They snuck over the brick wall and made their way to the house. Circled it and peered in, but saw/heard nothing. On their way out, the cops spotted them. They tried to make a run for it, but Niobe was cornered. Sid pulled a weapon and the cop pulled a gun (or apparently a taser, but Niobe thought it was a gun). So, Niobe surrendered because you don’t hurt mortals who are just doing their jobs, if you can help it. She played the scared little brat, “ow!! I’m telling my mommie and she’s gonna sue you. Ow! I’m coming, you don’t have to cuff me.” Inside, she’s hoping as hard as she can that he doesn’t pat her down for weapons. Sid hopped into the squad car and pulled it forward. When Niobe was shoved into the car, Sid opened the far door to the hedge and they piled through.

They were lost in the hedge and Niobe got scared, and then remembered that Briar Wolves are drawn to fear so she tried really really hard to not be scared and instead got annoyed at Sid who had them wandering for 4 hours before they found their way out. Luckily, she had juice and cereal bars in her backpack, left over from theTrod opening. Hungry wasn’t helping the cranky situation.

After they got out of the hedge, they called Cole who was nearby at a Denny’s. He picked them up and they headed home, sitting very far away from each other.


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