• Sid went to work. Fantasia invited him to go on tour with her. He demurs.

  • Party deliberated a number of different options, before settling on outsourcing the killing and disposal of Dr. Holt to David Owens.

  • The deal was made; and Dr. Holt gave the tortured Nightwatch members back; to saving their tender mercies, Cole kept them from seeing the bodies, which had been placed in garbage bags with a hole cut for the head, and then saran wrapped to keep all the fluids and parts inside. Cole learned one of Nightwatch’s safe houses and recovery rooms were located – in the back of warehouse. Niobe went with Cole to help and after seeing the damages done to Sharon’s friends didn’t feel too much guilt for getting Davie’s help.

  • Arianne had an encounter with London Herzog (who is NOT Paris Hilton, really) and Rick Forester (son of Senator Forester) that involved London using a golf club as a weapon because Mr. Forester tried to rape her. No indication existed of the the attempted assault; however, a white powder was found at the scene. Arianne had quite the task trying to clean up London’s suite after that horrible encounter. She took the powder from the scene to have it analyzed, wondering what it could have done to have made London and Rick act the way they did; plus, well, it just might be useful for other things for the motley. But trying to deal with London and Rick before having to clean the room was quite the eye-opener for her and made her very glad that she could call in her boss to truly deal with the situation since she wasn’t doing so hot with it on her own with only the one security guard that responded to her.

While not entirely happy with the idea of letting Davie Owens clean up the mess with Dr. Holt she was relieved when it was finally over with. She didn’t want that woman hanging over her motley forever, always looking for more and more glamour.

  • Arianne was tasked with making the scene look pretty, while her boss dealt with the children.

  • Sharon took the time to analyze the powder – some complicated chemical formula drug, looks to be a combination of Ecstasy and LSD.

  • Dr. Holt’s house suffered a horrible electrical fire; however, no bodies were found in the rubble. (Party’s assumption is li’l Davie Owens ate her)



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