• Arianne had an encounter with Senator Forrester, and was given his business card.

  • Cole and Sid showed off Cole’s work to Maria Rales, who loved it and promised some ideas for more athletic wear.

  • Lacey-Ann met up with the mysterious stranger, who, unbeknownst to her, followed her home. Similarly the rowdy Tuesday crew also did not show up.

  • Pool is about dug. :)

  • Changelings from New Orleans have moved into the SE, at least according to Lee, and he asked Davey to deal with it.

  • Davey and Niobe went on a date; she asked him a lot of questions about keepers. Though, oddly enough, not about how old he was.

  • Niobe reported the somewhat inconclusive findings to the Winter Queen, Andrea, and she was disappointed, and decided to assign someone else to the task.


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