Monday, March 16th, 2009

Lacey Ann wonders why Sid always needs a morning boost. Gabe wakes stressed from nightmares.

Sid has 2 named friends: Jonathan – skinny, pale-black, mellow, band guy. Father is a postman (lunch/english w/Sid) Katy – Latino, parents divorced, mother a preacher. (drama/math w/Sid)

Ms. Payne’s Class: American Literature (sophomores) Sid & Jonathan are reading <u>The Scarlett Letter</u> with the class when Ms. Payne startles Jonathan awake. Jonathan apologizes, “Late night working on Drama” – which Sid knows is a lie. Jonathan’s not IN drama. A questioning look only provokes “bad night” from Jonathan.

Gabe (Michael) runs into Jennifer (date from Saturday) in the hall way. After an awkward hello and a short conversation about the track meet the bell rings. She leans in and kisses his cheek, running to class while he’s still reeling. None of the homework Gabe has forgotten about is noticed by his teachers.

Lacey Ann turns in the paper she worked on and worked on all weekend. Mr. Dolle looks the paper over and asks, “Did your parents help you?” “Umm, I’m an orphan…” Awkward silence. “I did my own work, if that’s what you’re asking,” Lacey Ann finally comes up with. “Good job” She is ecstatic for the rest of the day!

Cole continues work in shop class where he’s only 6-months ahead. There’s only one month of school left. Mr. Smith is actually paying attention to the class. Cole notices that cute Latino flunky of Sid’s is trying to do drama-woodwork. He goes to check on her, startling her. He does her cuts for her, noticing that they’ve been marked. Eight times. She wasn’t on her A game, or B game, or C game. She doesn’t have bags under her eyes, she has the whole Samsonite luggage line. Cole sends her off to nap. Kathryn (the assistant teacher) pulls him over. “What’s up with Katy? Oh, that’s her name?” Cole questions. Ahh well, Thanks

Meanwhile Jonathan is still out of it. He confesses to Sid that he can’t sleep – and that’s after he took half a bottle of nyquil.

Cole shows up to drama surprising Lacey Ann and Sid, the regulars. He explains about Katy-just as she slams a nail. Sid asks, “She didn’t sleep either? and tries to fix things.

Sid: “What do you do to relax?” Katy, deadpan: “Read the Book of Ruth” Sid: “Try the Song of Psalms.” Katy: “Okay.” Sid tries to scritch her and she jumps. Sid: “ No more tools today. Cole to Sid: “You need more (mentally) stable friends”.

Ariane picks Niobe up after school.

Jenny/Jennifer cheers Gabe (Michael) on at track practice. Teddy, the captain of the track team gets annoyed at Gabe’s performance and tells him to “get your head in the game! and rides his ass. Gabe finishes practice annoyed.

Sid gives Gabe advices on kissing hands. How they should evoke butterflies. Lacey Ann interjects, “Not like dentist butterflies, before getting sidetracked and asking Sid, “Have you been to the dentist? Sid counters, “Have you?” “I went … I have new teeth since then!”

Sid lets the group know about the poor sleep Jonathan and Katy have been having. We then make plans for the rest of the evening. Sid and Lacey Ann will attend Spring court that evening before hitting the Eastern (Goblin) Market for clothes for the Spring Ball on Friday night. Cole has promised assistance with any alterations that need to be made.

At Court, we volunteer/are volunteered to marshal the hobs who will prepare the food for the Ball. We plan on getting a note from Ms. Stewart to miss school as we will need to be there by noon at the latest. Sid then offers our report to John Winters with the news from Susan about the Yard Dog’s suspicions.

The Eastern Market’s Goblin Market only has three stores to choose from: Homespun Taylor (clothes) The Market (food) Niche and Natches Little Bag of Oddities (‘mundane’ goblin contracts etc)

Sid and Lacey Ann go into Homespun Taylor’s. The proprietor, Gabbres is a very touchy feely goblin. After asking for clothes for the Spring Ball she eyes Lacey Ann up and down, running her fingers, which grow longer with every touch on my arms. She decides on off-white for Lacey Ann, calling her a doll How fun to dress them. she says.

Sid turns around and watches the door as Lacey Ann prepares to try on a dress. One tap on Lacey Ann’s shoulder and her clothes fall right off. She tries on few dresses, but its the first they decide on. Clean lines, slim cut. Flattering, sexy, yet innocent. A three-leaf ‘broach’ completes the look as it creates any hairstyle desired. The cost of the broach is Lacey’s first kiss. One from her mother she can’t even remember. The cost of her dress is tears on a light blue ribbon. Will make a lady’s hubby cry

Gabbres looks Sid over and concludes nothing but ‘Night Breeze in a Spring Forest’ will do for the Rake before them. The cost is a stubbed toe.

They hear Gabbres cackle as they leave.

Lacey Ann then heads home to do homework – Sid helps (contributing 3 dice before Lacey Ann can succeed)

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

It’s St. Patty’s Day – the wearing of green must be explained to Cole. Gabe – acting his mental age of 10 pinches many people. He’s flustered when Jenny offers to remove her green pin.

Katy and Jonathan look better, but not ‘good’. Cole checks with Katy in shop to see if she needs help. Sure!

Summer Meeting (pm) Notes on Spring Ball

Sid contacts Ms. Stewart for a note for himself and Lacey Ann to miss school on Friday (for help prepping for the ball) and arranges with Ms. Sharon Clements for physicals and dentists appointments for all on June 19th.

Sid negotiates a sword with a basket hilt from Cole and they decide on a rapier/dagger set.

Charleen David (violent summer,sword nerd, ogre, bloodnasher, huge. Calls Sid a whore, Cole disagrees.

As our party approaches the Goblin Market they hear 3 animated voices, 1 is Gabbers, the other two are very similar. They are passed by 2 heads stuck on the same body, spliced together. 2 heads, 20 toes, 2 heels. These are Natch and Nitch. Natch pinches Lacey Ann’s cheek. As she flinches he replies Calm your hackles.

Sid, having been told the evening before by Gabbers that these are the men to see about a token that can be used for the shoulder-touch, clothes fall spell follows to work out an arrangement.

Gabbers takes a look at Gabe and puts him in wrap pants and a loose sleeveless top. The price is a button from Jenny’s clothes. He begins to stress about how he’ll get it.

Gabbers to Cole: You can probably make your own. Cole: I could always go to Ross! Gabbers, challenged ponders: Pants/shirt made of fabric more fine that silk – smoother than water. Iron fist inside a velvet glove? – Pikers!

The party heads home.

Cole makes a fantastic rapier for Sid.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Jonathan finally makes a coherent dream complaint. He is being hunted in his dreams. Katy is dreaming of running away from something, she can hear the claws on the stone. Sid gives a heads up to Cole that Jonathan and Katy are still wiped. Asked, Katy sketches and outline of a cave and hillside before falling asleep at drama. We can see it’s a nightmare. Lacey Ann tries to calm her dream and gets sucked in and stuck. She is now eternally running, scrapped arms, legs, face. Chased by claws. Clicker-clacker She runs by a doll table. A man in a long dark coat calls out _I’ve found a little girl who wants to play with you – she’s missed you’

Drama student to Cole: What happened? Cole: One must have heard the other whimper in their sleep – you know how drama people are._ There’s an awkward pause.

Lacey Ann and Katy are awakened and Sid offers to help Katy with dreams. Later he asks if we want to enter a dream guarding pledge that evening to help. Cole makes pendants as tokens. Sid asks that we don’t house the past against each other.

Pledge: Protect Dreams +2 firearms (fighting) 1 week -2 firearms for 1 week if broken

We try to enter Sid’s dream. Sid makes it into Katy’s dream and back before we succeed.

Katy’s Dream: Sid challenges the huntmaster. He is in a dark coat and has razors in his hands. They fight and Sid loses. (1 mild derangement and throws up). He wakes up around 2/3am.

Sid avoids Katy for a day. “Metal and Stone are his choices. I almost broke the dream and then he pushed it. His packs of wolves are guided by their Huntsman. He’s having fun. And he’s very, very, strong.”

Need to go back and deal with him. Need to call Ms. Stewart.


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