Welcome to Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the city on the hill for the world, as the city inhales, the world holds its breath for the dragon is awake. It is a diamond, broken along the borders. It is duality personified with the richest and the poorest standing beside each other; power broker and powerless separated by a street; and a place of ambitions realized and shattered dreams.

This is Washington D.C. Do you survive? Do you achieve? Do you dream?

Changeling: The Lost is a tale told of those who have escaped from Arcadia, called Changelings, who have been taken by the True Fae. Before they were stolen away, they could rest assured in that reality was stable, immutable. Even society formed contracts with itself, a social contract where the people surrendered rights to the state in order to grant the state the right to punish those who violate the social mores, taboos, and morals of the society. This is reality. This is the really real.

Or it was. Arcadia is a mutable land, if the scant remembered memories are any guide, it can be spring for a century, your 13th birthday for 20 years, and within the span of months, a decade can past. And thus Changelings are the survivors, the escapees of that twisted land where your word and your pledge are the only immutable, trusted things. And even then, there are loop holes to be exploited. You think DC is bad with lawyers? In Arcadia, everyone’s a contracts lawyer looking for a loophole to violate.

Now back in reality, changelings have a new duality to contemplate. The Wyrd touched them, changed them. Reality is a contract, society is a contract, and contracts have clauses, and new clauses can be negotiated. New clauses can be understood to exist, and thus exploited.

Welcome to Washington, D.C., what are your dreams? What is your reality?

Table of Contents

A Fragile Immortality

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