I have been re-miss in keeping up with this. It has been a more than a couple of trying weeks and things happen. I shall endeavour to keep this more up to date in the future. - Cole Black

Friday, May 1st through Friday, May 8th.

To begin, Beltaine was Friday. As such, both Lacey Ann and Sid were busy with preparations. Sid was actually running it and Lacey Ann was helping by running the hospitality lounging area. The rest of the Motley showed up later, after school. If was a very nice affair, peaceful, but not without it’s moments of danger. One such, was Niobe’s fall out of a tree. It seems that a boy pushed her out of the tree but I could not tell for sure. Judging by David Owen’s reaction to the boy in question, I imagine he did have something to do with it. Niobe was fine, a few scrapes and bruises, but childhood is full of those. She enjoyed the day, frisbee and soccer preceding the tree incident.

Another interesting thing that happened was Robert Carver spent time hanging out with the Motley. Perhaps so he could bask in Arianne presence. His own Motley, the Five Fairest, is having issues with a Fae dream poisoning their mortal friends. Later in the evening, Vicky Henry; another of the 5, approached Sid to find out what we had done to rescue our friends. Sid told her about Mr. Potter and she asked us to intercede on their behalf with Mr. Potter and request his help. Sid said he would ask.

Lacey Ann discovered at Beltaine that her beau, Jeffery Arnold, was her’s no more. This follows a week or two of him not really talking to her. This, I suppose, should not come as a surprise. He is now seeing Candy Fletcher.

Around 4pm or so, Sid left to take care of a debt to someone who helped out for the school play two weeks ago. Upon his return, we feasted and then we had the Need-Fire. An interesting ritual, it is usually used to ward of disease in cattle and other barn-yard animals (according to Wikipedia at the very least). I wonder what it says about us? During this ritual, one of the courtless, Simon the Hermit, gave a prophecy: “I tell you this three times, know it true – Whether the legacy of the peaceful ruler or the dark one is ascendant his inaction shall damn this land. Whether the legacy of the peaceful ruler or the dark one is ascendant his inaction shall damn this land. Whether the legacy of the peaceful ruler or the dark one is ascendant his inaction shall damn this land.”

A few facts about Simon that would do the reader well to be made aware of: The Heirs of each court give him deference, he is possibly one of the strongest of us in the Wyrd, and he is old. He is not someone I would want to meet in the Hedge.

It was on that note that most of us took our leave of Beltaine. Some stayed, Sid and Arianne (and Lacey Ann?). Sid had me make a bronze and copper Daliha Flower with Bay Laurel leaves for Ruthie, but I do not know if he gave it to her or if she liked it. Perhaps I should inquire…

The rest of the weekend passed without incident. The following week was the lead-up to Prom (and Prom itself). The week flew by quickly as people were in a rush. I made a dress for Lacey Ann. It was very nice. She also found a date for the evening, Rickie was his name. I believe he is a theater tech, but I’m not sure.

In school, we are practically run over by Michael Kravitz, the Ward 6 Councilman. He was coming out of the Principle’s. Niobe is hanging out more with Danita, and I’m not sure this is a good thing. Danita invites her over, but both Ms. Stewart and I think this is a bad idea. Instead they go the the part with Ms. Stewart. A reasonable compromise I think. We also asked Mr. Potter about helping the Five Fairest and were shut down. I wonder why?

Prom finally arrives, Sid has three dates and Lacey Ann has one. All is right in the world? They go to Prom and are having a great time until a changeling bursts into the room, wielding a whip of thorns. He saw Sid and said something to the effect of “The chosen one” and ran towards Sid. Our Principle stopped him and took him somewhere. We haven’t heard where or if anything happened to him (the changeling). Sid was also elected Prince somehow as a sophomore. I don’t understand it either. His princess was Theresa Moore, a crazy Moonborn Darkling. From what I understand she and Sid are out on the dance floor grinding away and they seduce each other. “Luckily,” Sid’s dates breakup Dirty Dancing pt. 6 from actually taking place and that pretty much ends Prom for both Sid and Lacey Ann.

While this was going on, I took Katie to see a movie. We had a good time. Niobe was shocked and amazed by this fact. Why? Maybe with Gabriel’s incarceration, I’m realizing that I do need to get out and become more human. It’s not going to be easy, especially with everything that happens in our lives. Perhaps I will be able to grow up a little more and perhaps one day become something other than a collection of clockwork pieces.


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