One of the consequences of our near demise was the Freehold holding a hunt. For briarwolves. I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.

The gist of what happened was this:

The Good:

  • The Sovereigns of each court asked for volunteers and each court provided a goodly amount.
  • We vanquished a fair amount of briarwolves and their keepers (Changling hunters)
  • None of the motley died or took on too much injury.
  • We paid off our marker to the Yard Dogs for bringing back information about the hunt. (Man, they are paranoid)

The Bad:

  • We came back with a lot of dead.
  • There’s a traitor in the Freehold.

The Ugly:

  • There’s once was a pact to hold back a Prince…On January First of the new year, he is free to hunt again.


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