Sunday, March 29th
Sunday school- Ms. Stewart arrives bright and early. Lacey Ann gets her permission slip signed. Cole rolled for the dagger he made for Sid.
We get schooled on fetches.
Fetches know when you reenter the world. Some don’t know what they are. They younger ones are more likely to not know. the autumn sorcerers could tell you if yours knows. they can pierce masks, and danger-sense when one is nearby. They ALWAYS know exactly where we are when we get within 50 feet. Their power level grows equivalent to ours.
If they die of old age, do we?” Sid asks.
No one knows.” But, you can kill a fetch without the changeling being injured and vice verse.
Who are they changelings who hunt fetches?” Gabriel asks.
There are no fetch hunters in our freehold.” Ms. Stewart answers. Then tells us that her fetch is a college student on the other side of the continent. They had a nice talk… after she threw her fetch out of the 3rd story window. They bounce. They can also disappear into the hedge.
Does it always disintegrate?” Gabriel asks.
Yes. If it disintegrates, it’s dead.” Ms. Stewart replies. The question is asked if the fey who made it knows when the fetch is destroyed. Some fey might know. Some are interested in our world. Some, we’re cattle. You can gain certain powers from killing your fetch. But, you’re also killing yourself. That can be pretty upsetting.
Is there a changeling psychiatrist?” Niobe asks.
Are you coming to my recital?” Niobe asks after the teaching session is done.
Yes, of course.” Ms. Stewart smiles at her as Niobe makes sure Sid is distracted.
Um, Sid said to use my powers to impress the High School teacher, but I’m not so sure it’s a good idea…” Niobe looks concerned.
Well, Sid always gives… pragmatic advice, that’s not alwa—- That’s all I’m going to say.
Okay. Would you like to stay for dinner?” Niobe is a good hostess.
I can.” Her reply seems to be more humoring Niobe than honest.
It’s meatloaf.
Oh. Umm…
You don’t have to. It’s a standing invitation.” Niobe acknowledges Ms Stewart’s hesitation.
Meatloaf’s not my favorite. Maybe some other time.” Ms Stewart seems relieved.
Will we have Sunday School next week? It’s spring break. ‘Cause, I’m planning on visiting my sister.” Niobe asks.
No, I think we’ll be fine.” And with that, she heads out.
Sid and Lacey Ann have the much mentioned sex talk.
So, Lacey Ann, do you know what comes first?
Um… Kissing.” She wrings her hands and looks at the floor.
....Touching bits.
.. um, sex?” She giggles and blushes. Sid discussing protection and starts to ramble about things Lacey Ann doesn’t need to know at her level of interest.
Gabriel returns from the store with bread and chives. Dinner is meatloaf and baked potatoes, with bacon ON the meatloaf. It was awesome.
Gabriel calls Jennifer to invite her to see Kung Fu Panda. A date is set. Arianne had brought home Gabriel’s homework, so homework gets done. We practice our band parts some. Niobe writes a halfway decent song.

Monday, March 30th/Tuesday, March 31st
We head off to school. Much to Lacey Ann’s relief, people are happy to see us and cheery. There is much chatter about Friday night’s gathering, and much interest in repeating it. The 5 Fairest still look haggard, though.
Gabriel returns to track. There are still two cliques. His still has the larger cheering crowd.
Drama practice happens. Spring and Summer courts are uneventful, except for Harry’s visit. He’s a 7 1/2 foot tall, 400 pound wizened. His big, not fat, with a huge hook nose. Gabriel does get fussed at for missing Summer Training, though.
Wednesday, April 1st April Fools Day. We decide not to observe it, in Lacey Ann’s words, “That’s what they do.”
Gabriel has his date with Jennifer. They go to see Kung Fu Panda. Jennifer is all over Gabriel. They sit one row forward from the back row. Sid gave Gabriel a bottle of Purell, just in case.
So, Michael, you doing okay?” Jennifer asks him, as they get settled and wait for the light to go down.
Yeah. Musta gotten whatever Arianne had.
So, Tommy’s not giving you any trouble, is he?
No. You?” Gabriel asks her.
No. Ne never did.” They watch the… start… of the movie. They enjoy what they saw of it. And ignored the annoyed looks from the parents.
As they leave the theatre, Jennifer remarks, “If we’re going to keep doing this, we should just rent movies.
Hey, I did move the tv to my room… just in case.” Michael/Gabriel points out.
Yeah. Did you get a better lock?” Jennifer teases him.
It works fine if I close the door all the way.” Michael/Gabriel retorts.
So, I shouldn’t distract you, then?” Jennifer comes back to the townhouse with him. Lacey Ann and she chat for a few minutes, but it’s bedtime and we usually sleep in the hollow.
Michael/Gabriel drags Jennifer up to his and Sid’s room.
What’s Sid going to do when he wants to crash?” She whispers as they come up for air.
He crashes late.” Michael is a bit distracted.
How about our foster mom? Doesn’t she mind?
She works late.” Jennifer looks oddly at Gabriel at that noe, but they keep kissing. Eventually… they notice the time. She buttons her top buttons on her shirt and rushes out, stubbing her toes on the steam cleaner Sid had moved by the bedroom door.
Ow! Shit!” She curses.
You okay?” Gabriel/Michael is a little concerned.
Yeah.” He walks her out and we quit rock banding and head to bed.

Thursday, April 2nd
School happens. Then, concert time. We get prettied up and Ms Stewart comes with us. There’s a 300 person audience. Niobe is tense but gets 9 successes for singing with the choir. (Gabriel helped, he’s got faith in his ‘little sis’) She’s a bit more nervous as all eyes are on her for her solo- 2 successes- she sounds sweet.
After the concert, the crowd goes wild. Friends give hugs. Sid gives Niobe flowers. Jeff was 3 rows back from the Motley.
Good job. You show a whole lot of promise.” He says, patting Niobe on the back.
Ms. Stewart goes with us to Cold Stone for ice cream. A few tips are placed in and a cheery Niobe sings with the workers. Gabriel gets a HUGE ice cream. Lacey Ann asks if Gabriel’s allowed to have chocolate… being a puppy and all. Gabriel rolls his eyes and pouts. Lacey Ann offers reeses toppings as amends.

Friday, April 3rd
Uneventful for most of the motley, Lacey Ann has her field trip. As she’s preparing, Niobe asks Cole if he can make her a telescoping hair brush, so she can stay protected.
At the National Mall, Lacey Ann stays in the crowds. Gets 2+ successes to stay near the teacher. They visit the National Archives and the National Monument. There are dozens of school groups milling around.
Passing through the gift shop, she hears a familiar voice.
Adrienne would love that.” She looks and sees Gabriel’s double. It’s 2pm. Lacey Ann remembers that fetches can tell when a changeling is around. She gets 2 successes to stealthily take a camera phone shot of him.
Gabriel is in basic accounting when he gets the text. Grabbing his abdomen, he calls out, “Bathroom!” and heads out. Calls Lacey Ann right back. Her cell rings. She quickly mutes the ringer and picks up.
Where are you at?” Gabriel is terse.
Gift shop at the Natural History Museum.
Stay with the group.
I was until I answered the phone.” Lacey Ann complains, she’d knew that.
Get back with the herd.
Okay.” Gabriel sprints out of school, running. He grabs a taxi. While he’s there, Lacey Ann’s group moves on, as does Other Gabriel’s. Gabriel hangs out for a while, but can’t find them. Texts Lacey Ann, “Where are you?
On the bus” Lacey Ann’s group is headed back to the school. Gabriel heads home in defeat.
On our way home, Lacey Ann tells us about her day. “I saw a Gabriel today. His fetch was at the museum. So. Creepy.
Really?” Sid and Cole are rather interested.
Dinner is discussed.
How about cheap takeout Italian?” We ask Gabriel as he comes in.
NO.” He stomps to his room. We text Ms. Stewart about seeing Gabriel’s fetch.
Talking about fetches, Sid asks Niobe, “Are you okay with your parents living the lie?
Well, she’s not making them unhappy. And.. and they didn’t notice. My sister did.
Cole heads up to check on Gabriel when the crashing noises stop. He’s smashed everything but his bed. “You want something stronger and heavier to hit?
Yes.” He hits unevenly. Dinner is getting cool.
Cole looks and notices, no desk left. Niobe’s niece is on spring break this week, she’s on break next week. We discuss going to the beach for a few days, we set up drivers ed for our 18 year olds. And talk about going to Kings Dominion.

Saturday, April 4th
French Toast. Gabriel calls Ms. Stewart before getting up.
Hey, Ms. Stewart. I’ve got a question for you.
Okay.” It’s pretty early for a question, so she’s half hoping it’s serious and half hoping it’s not.
Do they ever replace a fetch is something happens?” Gabriel asks his question in a quick breath.
What?” She doesn’t seem fully awake.
Do they ever replace a fetch that dies?” He tries to slow down, but he’s stressed. And maybe freaking out a little.
Can I put the phone down for a second?
Okay.” He can hear her set down the phone, then mumble, “Where did I put the pedialyte?” And a little crash. Then, the sound of the phone getting picked back up.
Are you okay?” Gabriel wonders about the crash.
Yeah. (In about half an hour when the drugs kick in.)
So, what’s this about?” She seems a bit more coherent.
Um, can you not tell the rest of teh motley about this. But… I thought I killed my fetch. Before it turned up.
Ugh, did you have to do this after 2-for-1 ladies night? So much tequila. Tell me this is a nightmare, please?
Uh, this is a nightmare?” Gabriel offers.
Shit. My dreams never listen to me.” As far as she knows, fetches don’t come back and don’t get replaced. She advices Gabriel to talk to the Winter Queen. She leads the acolytes and if she doesn’t know, she’d know who would. It is suggested that he check the lost kids database. He tells her that he was planning out going out to Loudoun anyhow. Gabriel fails at searching the database.
Sorry for waking you.” Gabriel says, getting ready to get off the phone.
Eh, this is what they pay me the big glamours for.” Her sarcasm is pretty mild.
Cole cleans the kitchen. Lacey Ann sees Gabriel fumbling with the database.
Did you need help? Did you have a sister?” Gabriel isn’t saying anything. “Is her name Adrianne?
She’s still in Arcadia. Damnit!” Gabriel storms out again.
Cole looks at the screen, sees his name in the Social Security number field. Moves name. Finds that ‘Gabriel’ was ‘found’ one month after he went missing.
Gabriel heads over for morning training. Christine lets him into the hollow training area. She watches him as she reads army treaty books.
Lacey Ann’s work happens. Before work, Sid asks her, “Will you escort me as my ‘big sister’ to a party?
Do I get to dress up?
Sid sends Ruthie an email. “Wanna get together sometime. Food. Coffee. Violence. Whatever you’re up to.
Sure. Coffee or violence. Whichever.

Gabriel heads out with Nightwatch. Looking for violence. Eventually, Gargantuan grabs him by the back of his neck, Gabriel swings.
Go home. Come back when your head’s on straight.” Gabriel stalks around for a while, then heads home.
At home, Niobe is trying to write mediocre poetry for song inspiration. Arianne does her homework and cleans, shaking her head at Gabriel’s room.
8pm rolls around, and Lacey Ann escorts Sid to a society party. She does decent small talk, accessory style. Sid makes an excellent impression. They leave around 11:30pm.
Coll is playing rockband- drums.
Around 1:30am, Gabriel rolls home.
Hey, you okay?
Hey, you’re bloody.
Not mine.
Wanna talk about it?
Sid plays with an etch-a-sketch. Gabriel dreams of hunting himself, the dream ends as he’s pounding for the kill. The worst part, he’s skipping hand in hand with his sister, and she has a mien.
He wakes, heart pounding.
Comes out and Sid tosses him a koosh, “Catch.” Gabriel catches. Sid’s got a rubic cube, a koosh and an etch-a-sketch.
Can’t sleep?” Gabriel asks.
I’m just not sleepy.” Sid fails his lie, for once. They do a little rockband. Come dawn, he bikes to Dupont Circle, to the farmer’s market. Steak, eggs, flowers, whatever fits in the bike basket.


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